Appetizer Momo
(Vegetarian option available)
Six pieces of the most delectable dumplings filled
with your choice of ground turkey or mixed vegetables
& spicy jack cheese.
… with lean, ground turkey 7.99
… with ground lamb keema 8.99
… with fresh, mixed veggies 6.99

Himalayan Samosas
(Vegetarian option available), Vegan friendly
Our famous Samosas are fashioned by hand,
stuffed full with mildly spiced potatoes & green
peas or ground lamb keema and shaped like a
mighty mountain rising up in the Himalayas.
… with potatoes and peas 4.99 two pc
… with ground lamb keema 5.99

Alotta Pakoda

(Vegetarian option available), Vegan friendly
We grind chickpeas into flour, turn it into a
spiced batter, then soak in your choice of tender
chicken, succulent shrimp, or mixed vegetables;
then deep fry it into a crispy delight.
… with Chicken 6.99
… with jumbo Shrimp 7.99
… with fresh, shredded Veggies 4.99