Fresh-baked Breads

Vegan friendly
Warm soft, puffy bread baked lovingly in a special
clay oven, or topped off with fire roasted garlic
or stuffed with your choice of chicken &
chilli, ground lamb, onion/cilantro, or paneer.
… Unbuttered 1.99
… Buttered 1.99
… Topped with fire-roasted Garlic 2.99
… Stuffed with Onion and Cilantro 2.99
… Stuffed with Paneer Cheese 3.99
… Stuffed with Chicken & Chilli 3.99

Vegan friendly
Whole wheat flat traditional Nepalese flat bread
baked in a special clay oven. 1.99
Vegan friendly
This Indian mainstay consists of multiple layers
of whole wheat bread, either stuffed with spiced
potatoes and green peas or with a Himalayan
butter spread and pan seared to perfection.
… Buttered 2.99
… Stuffed with Potatoes and Peas 3.99

Vegan friendly
Deep-friend, puffy whole wheat bread that’s fun
to poke, rip and dip. 1.99