Nepalese Sampler
A grand smörgåsbord of the finest, most famous
dishes from this small country of bright smiles,
rugged landscapes & fierce determination.
Seven different dishes served on traditional
Nepalese dishware, perfect for two to share or
one to feast on. Includes—
… Fresh-baked whole-wheat roti
… Kwati Soup
… Kakro Salad
… Nepalese rebel chicken curry
… Chef Giri’s lamb sekuwa
… Alu Tama Tarkari
… Aromatic basmati rice
… Mighty Momos
(stuffed with ground turkey)
… Lal Mohan dessert

Lumbini Vege / Vegan Sampler
Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal and in
honor of the man and his principles, we’ve
come up with a vegetarian and vegan friendly
sampler for those who choose to live a meat-free
… Fresh-baked whole-wheat roti
… Kwati Soup
… Kakro Salad
… Organic Alu Kaoli Masala
… Mixed vegetable curry of the day
… Chana Saag
(Spinach with garbanzo beans)
… Aromatic basmati rice
… Coconut sorbet in a half-shell

Indian Sampler
Sample some of the best that the Indian subcontinent
has to offer! We’ve chosen some of
the most popular items from different regions
of Northern and Southern India and prepare
them with a touch of Himalayan sensibility. Perfect
for two to share or one to feast on.
… Fresh-baked garlic naan
… Vegetable pakodas
… Chicken Tikka Masala
… Lamb Vindaloo
… Organic tandoori chicken
… Mixed vegetable curry of the day
… Chef’s choice of lentils
… Fresh, homemade yoghurt
… Aromatic basmati rice
… Khir dessert

Staple Regional Nepalese Platters

Daal Bhat Tarkari (The DBT)
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
The standard household meal of Nepal—
consisting of aromatic Basmati rice, the lentil
soup of the day, and the Chef’s signature vegetable
dish of the day garnished with some achar
and a traditional dessert. 13.99

Lamb Saag ra Dhido (The LSD)
Halal option available
No this is not a flashback caused by the ubiquitous
drug featuring the same acronym. Although
braised lamb, sautéed spinach and Nepalese-
style cornmeal might take you back to a
traditional Nepalese village meal. 15.99