Nepalese & Tibetan Entrees

Mighty Momo
This is the most famous dish in the Himalayas.
Succulent steamed dumplings, filled with your
choice of ground turkey or fresh mixed vegetables
spicy Jack cheese, served with our special
Himalayan tomato-cashew dipping sauce.
… with turkey 12.99 12 pieces
… with ground lamb 13.99
… with fresh veggies 10.99

Chau Chau
Vegan friendly, Halal option available
“Chau Chau” is the name given for pan-fried
Tibetan noodles and is meant to mimic the sizzling
sounds made by stir frying these noodles
in a medley of your choice of chicken, lamb, or
vegetables and spices at high altitudes.
… with chicken 11.99 full order 8.99 half
… with lamb 13.99 9.99
… with fresh veggies 10.99 7.99

Kathmandu-Style Chicken Chilli
Halal option available
A popular dish featuring fiery chillies, tender
chicken, green peppers & onions. 12.99

Chyangba’s Thukpa
Vegan friendly, Halal option available
Hearty Tibetan noodle soup to warm the Himalayan
soul! This large bowl is filled with your
choice of chicken, lamb or mixed vegetables
along with Tibetan noodles.
… with chicken 10.99 full order 7.99 half
… with lamb 12.99 8.99
… with fresh veggies 9.99 7.99

Chef Giri’s Sekuwa
Halal option available
Your choice of chicken, lamb, fish or shrimp
marinated over 24 hours in Chef Giri’s famous
marinade blends and then baked to perfection
in a special clay oven—served sizzling to your
mountaintop… er, table.
… tender chicken 14.99
… most famous lamb 17.99
… boneless swordfish 20.99
… jumbo shrimp 19.99

Rebel Curry
Not your typical conformist, defeatist curry! The
Nepalese Gurkhas are renowned for their prowess
in battle and so are the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels.
This is the Nepalese Gurkha version of the
famous curry with a rebelliously inspired exotic
blend of curry spices.
… with chicken 12.99 full order 8.99 half
… with lamb 13.99 9.99

Organic Alu Kaoli Masala
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
Imagine fresh potatoes and cauliflower rolling
around happily in a dry tomato & onion sauce,
competing for the attention of the Himalayan
herbs & spices that adorn this delicate dish.
12.99 full order 9.99 half

Mahakali Mango Chicken (Seasonal)
Oven baked chicken with fresh mango slices is
cooked in an onion & fennel-seed base to create
a sweet and spicy sensational rival to the
Chicken Tikka Masala. 15.99

Alu Tama Tarkari
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
This vegetarian specialty consists of tender bamboo
shoot that wraps and cradles tenderly seasoned
quartered potatoes. 12.99

Eastern Seafood Curry
Your choice of fresh ocean Swordfish or jumbo
Shrimp is simmered in a yoghurt and mustardseed
base and spiced accordingly. This currystyle
is from Eastern Nepal.
… with swordfish 19.99 full order 13.99 half
… with jumbo shrimp 18.99 13.99

Organic Saffron Cauliflower
Organic cauliflower blossoms in a delicate organic
cream sauce with just the right hint of
that wafting saffron aroma. 13.99